Headaches Migrate

Ma called me and wanted me to chauffeur her around for the day while she ran errands and did some shopping.  I told her I couldn’t because I had a really bad headache.

Ma (the hypochondriac) then remarks, you sure have had a lot of headaches lately.  Maybe you need to go to the doctor!”

“No, Ma,” I said, “I don’t need a doctor.  I just need to stay where I’m at, stay still, and it will go away.”

Not one to give up, Ma then pushes on with, “But hon-ney!  You have been getting them a lot!  Don’t you think that means something?”

In a dry tone of voice I replied, “Yeah, Ma.  It means the pain in my ass has migrated to my brain.”

Ma paused to think for a few seconds and then said, “You’re talking about me, aren’t you.  That’s not funny.”


(She never thinks shit is as funny as I do…)