Who Am I?


I am…
A daughter,
A mother,
A friend,
An enemy,
A lover,
A hater,
A temptress,
A prude,
A pacifist,
An antagonizer,
A mediator,
A fighter,
A rule maker,
A rule breaker,
A follower,
A leader,
A comedian,
A sour puss,
A rebel,
A loud mouth,
A listener with no voice,
A teacher,
A student,
A pain in the ass,
A pleasure to have around,
A bullshitter,
A no-holds-barred truth teller,
A soother of souls,
A club where no whiners are allowed,
A soothsayer,
A Witch,
A Catholic,
A Christian,
A Pagan,
A sinner,
A saint.

The question is not which of these define who I am.
The question is which of these define who I am to you.