Shit I Don’t Like


  1. People who blame others for their lack of ______ (insert anything here).  All that energy you waste complaining about what you don’t got because of excuse A thru Z?  How ’bout you get off your lazy ass, put that energy toward action and go get what you want.

  2. Racists.  Of any race.  Racism is for lazy and small-minded motherfuckers who need to feel important and/or good about themselves and the only way they can do it is to put down other races.

  3. Bigots.  Just do you, motherfucker.  Again, have you accomplished so little in your life that you need to focus on, and insult, how others live their lives just to feel good about yourself?  Really?  Sucks to be you!

  4. Bambi Bitches.  Those women who confuse the shit outta men in a plethora of ways.  We’ll talk more about you bitches later.

  5. Wannabe Men.  I say “wannabe” because real men don’t do the dumbass shit you do.  We’ll talk more about you bitches later, too.

  6. Married people who lie & cheatOh yeah, we will most definitely be talkin’ about your asses later, as well.

  7. Religious fanatics.  You people give God–by whatever name you call Him–a bad name.

  8. Deadbeat parents.  You assholes should have been sterilized at puberty.  Seriously.

  9. Pedophiles.  You bitches can’t give a good enough reason to fuck up the minds, emotions, and bodies of children.

  10. Criminals who aren’t good at their chosen profession.  If you’re gonna be a fucking criminal, be a good one (ie: don’t get caught!).  If you keep getting caught, well, guess what?  You’re shitty at your chosen profession and it’s time to find a new profession!  How hard is it to grasp this concept?!




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